Wohnungsswap - Ohmstraße

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10179 Berlin, Mitte
500 €
45 m2
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Objekt: This is an incredibly cosy flat in a very quiet and charming street in the heart of Berlin, close to absolutely everything.

Peace in the middle of an energetic city. Maybe that's why it's called Ohmstrasse (Ommstrasse would also fit).

The place is in great condition. And it's conveniently warm in Winter and fresh at Summer.

You can get very creative with the living room. I already had quite a few different set ups, depending on which vibe I'm in.

i renovated the entire kitchen in 2021 and put this open wardrobe up just a few months ago.

The small balcony faces the inner yard where a beautiful tree provides a very pleasant view. It's perfect to read a book, meditate, smoke or just chill with your friend or lover. And you'd be surprised by how many people you can fit in it.

If you are the social type, I used to throw lots of house gatherings when I first moved and the walls of the building are really good. Never had any complaints. Even late at night. With the windows closed, no one can hear a thing.

The neighbours are all lovely, friendly and international.

I've been living here for four years. It's really like living in a temple right in the middle of this chaotic city.

If you are single, this place is absolutely perfect for you.

If you are a couple and well organised, you can make it work too. The keller is just downstairs and very spacious, so it can be arranged to be an extra storage room.

It's officially Mitte, but it feels like Kreuzberg. 2 min walk to U8-Heinrich-Heinrich-Str, and 6 min walk to S-Jannowitzbrücke. Only 10-15 min by bike to Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrischain, Neukölln and Bergmannkiez.

We all agree Heinrich-Heinrich-Strasse is not the most attractive Kiez (unless you're a frequent KitKat guest) but there are plenty good restaurants and supermarkets there. And a super nice beer garden at Köpenickerstrase.
That said, Markishes Museum is just 8 min walk with a nice little park and Inselbrücke is a lovely place to catch the sun by the river.

And how affordable it is (rent could change slightly but it would still be incredibly cheap)

So why on earth am I moving, you may ask?

I'm looking for a bigger apartment - 3 rooms - to move in with my partner and our future child?

If it suits you, let's do this. ??

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